We are thrilled to announce that our very own Destany Schadder has been featured in an inspiring interview with Voyage Austin, a platform renowned for celebrating local entrepreneurs and creatives. In an article titled “Daily Inspiration: Meet Destany Schadder,” readers are given an intimate look into Destany’s unique journey and the challenges she’s had to overcome.

Destany shares her backstory, from her early childhood experiences, surviving her mother’s mental illness, to her transformative experience at Lesley University that led her to become a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate specializing in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy & Acceptance Commitment Therapy. She also sheds light on how she uniquely combines traditional talk therapy with breath and posture techniques, treating both body and mind.

In spite of the challenges faced, Destany stays positive and firmly believes in focusing on what is desired to attract more of it in life. Notably, she honors her grandfather’s impact on her life and work ethic, naming her practice after his surname, Heiser.

This remarkable recognition by Voyage Austin underscores Destany’s dedication and passion for her work. Read the full interview here, to get to know Destany better and understand how she uses her unique approach to counseling to bring about change in her clients’ lives.