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In a world full of invalidation, everyone wants to be validated. To accomplish this, Heiser Counseling specializes in counseling for trauma, borderline personality disorder, and anxiety.

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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT therapy is mindful psychotherapy that helps you stay focused on the present moment and to accept thoughts and feelings without judgment.

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Psychodynamic Theory Therapy

Psychodynamic theory seeks to understand human behavior, personality, and mental processes by examining the interplay of unconscious drives, motives, and conflicts. It emphasizes the role of early childhood experiences in shaping an individual’s personality and behavior.

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Dance / Movement Therapy

Dance / Movement Therapy is focused on movement behavior as it emerges in the therapeutic relationship. Expressive, communicative, and adaptive behaviors are all considered for group and individual treatment.

Meet the Therapist

Destany Schadder, LPC-Associate, R-DMT, MA, NCC

Supervised by Alice Green LPC-S

As a LPC-A, I provide comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your challenges. Throughout my life I have always been asked for advice, I have been leaned on, and I have always been told I make a great “cheer leader.” Whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish or overcome I am here to help.

I am a creative who has been involved with movement practice for years. With some clients I use artistic practices to truly allow each individual to be seen.

My Approach & Values

The body is our resource for better mental health. I incorporate the body into each session. We will not focus on movement therapy in every session, but I will bring a bodily awareness to you, which you can use outside of therapy. You will find it easier to move and flow through your emotions when you allow your feelings to reach the depths of your soul.

Do you feel sad or lonely? Do you jump when there is a loud noise? Does your anger sometimes get the best of you? Have you struggled in relationships? Have you tried to talk with family or friends, but they are unable to help?

Working with a professional will allow you to make a plan, you will learn better coping mechanisms, and your life will change, it will change for the better. Doing the hard work now will allow your future to become exactly what you want it to become.

Therapy is interactive so we will work together to address the things that matter most to you. If you have ever wondered about therapy, now is the time to act. Working with a therapist who implements body awareness, activity levels, physical health, and mental health can lead to sustained and permanent change.

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